There’s a reason a wedding day is referred to as The Big Day. “The” big day. Brides, grooms and their families expect it to be a one-time celebration, full of memories. So the photography had better be spot on!

Hiring A Wedding Photographer

The most common question couples ask themselves, for better or worse, seems to be: What’s it going to cost us to hire a photographer?

That question does not align itself with expectations of finding an out-of-this-universe, sensational photographer. A better question – or series of questions – would be:

  • How important is it to have the Big Day preserved for the rest of our lives?
  • How much can we invest in the one thing that will never let us forget the biggest kiss of our lives?
  • How good a photographer can we hire?

After all, what happens to the rest of the day? Flowers wilt. Cake and champagne disappears. The groom’s tuxedo will go back to the shop. The bride’s veil likely won’t blend with the dress code at the office. But photographs…

Traditional Portraiture vs. Photojournalism

Traditional wedding portraiture needs little explanation. Numerous combinations of family, friends, and wedding party members take turns standing with the bride and groom. Portraits are made, recording for posterity the faces of who appeared at the wedding. The downside is: Will anything else have been recorded?

After 25 or 50 years will anyone vividly remember the details and moments of that day?

How will the grandkids understand the pre-wedding nerves, the ceremony, the toasts, the couple’s first dance?

Think of the wedding day being photographed like it would be laid out in a magazine story – only better: It’s yours, your moments…all day long. From preparations to last dance. Photojournalism is a style that captures life as it unfolds. It leaves no guesswork later as to what happened on that biggest of days. A photograph of 93-year-old Grandma strutting on the dance floor is a moment not to be missed – and if photographed by a wedding photojournalist, odds are it won’t be.

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